The community at Second Church is deeply rooted in faith and tradition. In the reading of Scripture, recitations of the Lord’s Prayer and the Apostles’ Creed, the singing of familiar songs, and partaking of communion, we express our fellowship with millions of others.
Our roots give us the strength to live and grow surrounded by a community dedicated to living within God’s purposes and working out our callings. Second Church recognizes the common and diverse challenges that people face and seeks to provide a base of support, encouragement, and exploration for all.
Second Church takes pleasure in helping the South Loop reinvigorate itself. We share a vision of neighborhood growth. But our vision extends further than rebar and concrete. We want people to enjoy wholeness and see the fullness of God’s glory. We invite you to share in the beauty of worship and the enrichment of helping others.
Sunday morning has famously been called the most segregated hour in America. This is NOT true at Second Presbyterian Church in Chicago, where people of different colors, cultures, and classes gather to worship and serve. At Second Church, we live out the promise of Christ’s kingdom and the best impulses of our country, practicing the hope of a fair and just society. All truly find a welcome in our multicultural community, and all are more whole because of the experience. Diversity is one of Second Church’s greatest treasures.

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