Due to the recent orders of Mayor Lightfoot and Governor Pritzker, the Session has discontinued "in-person" worship for the foreseeable future. Our belief is that limiting face-to-face gatherings is the best way to encourage being safe and keeping healthy! The service can be viewed online each Sunday morning at 10:55am. Please join us for worship!

Statement on Racism:


Second Presbyterian Church is a diverse, multicultural congregation.  We believe that attitudes and actions of prejudice and discrimination are sinful.  We believe that racism and injustice and “the violence of poverty” are social sins that grieve the heart of God and continue to harm our sisters and brothers.

The sins which began on America’s shores in 1619 continue to destroy our communities today.  Now is the time to stop racism!

We as a congregation are committed to protesting injustice and working for systematic change toward racial equality in every area of our society.  As our Lord Jesus Christ advocated for the poor and outcast, we have always been committed to the racial and social equity that the Black Lives Matter movement stands for.   We invite you to join us for worship and service, education and study, action, and advocacy.

The Session of Second Presbyterian Church

Free Meals:

Tuesday-Friday: 11am-1pm (enter through Cullerton Ave. doors)

Sundays: 7pm South Loop Community Table (enter through orange parking lot doors)


During this time of pandemic and social distancing, members and friends of the church are asked to compose prayers for the people of God.  Please send your prayer compositions. We will publish them as they become available. You may also submit your prayer requests by completing a Prayer Request Form, Click Here.

Who is Second Presbyterian Church?

We are diverse, inclusive, community, engaging, passionate. 

Mission Statement
We are a diverse and inclusive community bringing people to Christ through the power of service, education, hospitality, and compassion.

Vision Statement
Second Presbyterian Church seeks to be a diverse, vibrant and passionate Christ-centered community of hospitality and outreach actively serving the South Loop, the city of Chicago, and the world. We accomplish this through inspirational worship in our historic Sanctuary, educational ministry to all ages, and the power of compassionate service to our neighbors.