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     Worship with Second Presbyterian Church

When you worship at Second Presbyterian Church, you will immediate be drawn to the inspiring architecture and artistry of our beautiful National Historic Landmark. Our church is known as the Church of Angels. There are 175 angels in statues, carvings, glass and murals within the sanctuary. There are also nine Tiffany stained glass windows. Our Presbyterian order of worship is rooted in the Reformed tradition. Our one-hour Sunday service is designed to give glory and praise to God.

The people of our Church are equally as inspiring as our interior of the sanctuary. From every corner of the earth, members and friends the Church come together to praise God and worship together. Through Christ, we have formed a diverse, multicultural community of faith, hope and love, which is a beautiful representation of the kingdom of God. As you join us for worship, you will feel a warm welcome, a friendly smile and the spirit of love.

Beautiful Music

Since the founding of Second Presbyterian Church on June 1, 1842, there has always been a commitment to music of the highest caliber. The Second Presbyterian Church Quartet is a group of professional singers who lead us in song and provide inspirational music throughout the liturgical year. Our quartet is accompanied by our music director and dedicated church organist on the four manual Austin pipe organ.

For The Children

Pre-Covid-19 mitigation, during the service, children ages 5 to 12 were invited to participate in a Children's Sermon, and, afterwards, they were dismissed to Sunday School where trained teachers conduct age-appropriate lessons for developing a spiritual faith.

The Session is committed to continuing in this role when in-person services are restarted. Details to follow.

Holy Communion and Baptism

Holy Communion, the sacrament of the Lord's Supper, is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month, as well as on other occasions. As Presbyterians, we practice an “open table.” All are welcome to receive Holy Communion, especially the children.

The sacrament of Baptism is offered during each Sunday service. Children and adults are welcomed to be baptized in the Christian faith. The service is a celebration of Christ’s presence in the church, as well as a commitment to grow in the life of faith through participation in the community. For more information, please contact the church office (312) 225-4951.

Sunday Parking

The parking lot adjacent to the north side of the church is available for parking on Sunday mornings. However, street parking is free on Sunday mornings. We encourage those whose mobility permits them to park on the city streets to do so, leaving the parking lot spaces available for those with more limited mobility. There are street parking requirements for Chicago Bears games! For more information, please contact the church office (312) 225-4951.