Capital Campaign 2021 - 2023 Second Presbyterian Church

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Those We Serve.

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Your support means so much. By supporting our Capital Campaign, you’ll be supporting more than just our church buildings; you’ll be supporting the many mission critical ministries we provide as a neighborhood church to our community. Your support now will provide a safe, attractive, functional and desirable space for a variety of services and for all the people in our community who we serve for years to come. Thank You!

As we said above, our buildings have not undergone such a massive and basic update since 1901 and a fire mandated that we rebuild. We now endeavor to undertake a three year, $1,250,000, upgrade to our buildings for safety, code compliance and operational efficiency.

These are not the glamorous things that get the most attention (and donations). These are the basic, foundational, items that always need to be in working condition, in the background, to provide a safe, appealing, functional and accessible space for all to utilize and enjoy.

We appeal to your good senses and pride of ownership to help us reach our fund raising goal.

Announcement and Status Report

We have a wonderful announcement concerning the City of Chicago Adopt-a-Landmark Fund and the Sacred Places and Safe Spaces Steering Committee presents a status report as of November 21, 2021. (An aside: Our Goal has been rounded up to 1.3 million dollars!)

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